ACE NY Clean Energy Advocacy Day

ACE NY member companies and organizations spread across the Capitol last Tuesday for our annual Clean Energy Advocacy Day, completing sixty-seven visits with legislative offices and meeting with the Governor’s Assistant Secretary for Energy, Peter Olmsted, on just his second day on the job.

So much of NY’s energy policymaking happens at the Public Service Commission, or at another of the Governor’s agencies. Still, the Legislature has an important role to play, and can wield a strong voice on new ideas and policy issues. ACE NY needs to spread our message that investment from clean energy companies will bring New York cleaner electricity, new jobs, cleaner air, and climate action.

We spoke about jobs, and cited the 21,000+ solar, wind, and hydro jobs in New York, as well as the 110,000+ energy efficiency jobs that were reported by the U.S. DOE in January. And we spoke about how these numbers will increase as NY pursues the new 50% Renewable Energy Standard.

We voiced our enthusiastic support for the 50% Renewable Energy Standard (RES). In updating legislators, we mentioned some of the unfinished business surrounding the RES, like the need for a stronger Tier 2; the need for some procurement via power purchase agreements (PPAs); the need for a binding energy efficiency standard; and completion of the Offshore Wind Master Plan.

There were five bills we chose to highlight and support:
   ⚡ A.5541 (Paulin) / S.5119 (Griffo) – Tax Credit for Small Wind Installations at Homes, Farms, and Businesses.
   ⚡ S.5549 (Griffo) / A.7275 (Jenne) – Continued Viability of the State’s Existing (“Tier 2”) Large-Scale, Renewable Energy Resources.
   ⚡ A.1540 (Jenne) / No Same As – Long-Term Contracts for Renewable Energy.
   ⚡ A.260 (Paulin) / S.4069 (Griffo) – Property Tax Exemption for Micro-Hydro, Fuel Cell, Storage, and Micro CHP.
   ⚡ A.6571 (Paulin) / S.5190 (Griffo) – Establishing an Energy Storage Deployment Program.

We truly thank and appreciate our speakers at the evening reception: Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Energy; Senator Joe Griffo, Chair of the Senate Committee on Energy and Telecommunications; and Mike Meyers, Senior Counsel for Climate Change and Energy at the New York Office of the Attorney General, who updated ACE NY members on the litigation his office is involved with protecting clean energy policy at the federal level.


ACE NY's Clean Energy Blog provides commentary on New York State’s evolving landscape for renewable energy and energy efficiency, both the state-level policies and on-the-ground realities of clean energy projects, like wind and solar. Our ACE NY experts and guests share an interest in the ACE NY mission: to promote the use of clean, renewable electricity technologies and energy efficiency in New York State, in order to increase energy diversity and security, boost economic development, improve public health, and reduce air pollution. 

Our topics cover:
  • How New York will achieve its 50% renewable energy goal by 2030
  • Progress with the Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) process in New York
  • Updates on the VDER (Value of Distributed Energy Resources) initiative in the shift away from retail net metering
  • Industry perspective on the challenges of developing grid-scale and distributed renewables in NYS

Please enjoy!
- ACE NY Staff

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