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Advanced Energy Economy9c9073a9-0a8b-4cf3-8bf9-c639b6608ee4
AES Distributed Energy20cbb7eb-abfd-4348-9771-194871fbe6c6
Albany Engineering Corporation60b4fb23-e0c4-425c-a213-86c8768bbde1
Alliance for Clean Energy New York (ACE NY)b165a717-422b-4926-bf73-b468819b45d3
American Wind Energy Association4cb5472a-a10a-4f24-b7a5-bd50d192dece
Apex Clean Energy1b573c22-67d5-486f-b6c2-b4745329979b
Association for Energy Affordability, Inc.e0d129e5-9149-461e-9981-c94980a4cada
AvanGrid Renewablesc9c73e5b-5a9f-4b9d-8b64-e809a361f7ec
AWS Truepower, LLCbfc113d7-5ea2-4e4f-a7e8-c13313843005
Azure Mt. Power Companyb1d69302-2480-4411-8ed5-b0c894e3d846
Barclay Damon, LLPa42bab25-8bb6-4d30-8978-fcbb05fe3445
Bloom Energy Corporation48bc84f6-f602-4527-b23d-e36dfd81cf81
Borrego Solar Systems, Inc.0106ce17-fa8f-4257-84c1-24c8a2b9811a
BQ Energy, LLC30ca2df4-d5c1-40f4-8dde-098e07093bbd
Brookfield BRP Canada Corporation5d46db4f-0886-472a-9234-9386ff60554e
Bryan Cave LLP6b49d1fd-5117-4428-b71c-ae13b606a57b
Citizens Campaign for the Environmentfcd774ae-c2be-4641-8f44-ce496bb43933
CLEAResult Consulting, Inc.360b8900-4be7-4ebc-91eb-1db8a0b2550b
Community Energy, Inc.dbbf3c6f-839e-4b10-be88-5dec8d5face7

Member-only benefits

Gain access to our newly enhanced private online Member Access pages; participate in our bi-weekly membership briefings; receive regular email updates on breaking news and weekly reports on media coverage of clean energy issues; and enjoy cost-saving discounts on conference registrations.

Get ahead of the curve
Gain a competitive edge by taking advantage of accurate, in-depth and timely information on the latest developments and opportunities for clean energy in New York State.

Influence what matters
Help shape New York’s public policies and markets through ACE NY’s strategic campaigns and other legislative and regulatory initiatives. Membership with ACE NY gives you access to the leaders and policymakers determining the future of clean energy.

Build your network
Meet and network with key companies and organizations through ACE NY’s conferences, in-person meetings and membership campaigns. ACE NY members represent a broad spectrum of viewpoints, creating a unique opportunity for information sharing, collaboration, and building a broad base of support for clean energy.

Increase visibility
Maximize your company’s profile through a host of opportunities including speaking at and sponsoring conferences and other events, and participating in numerous marketing and public outreach activities.