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Maple Ridge Wind Farm

Maple Ridge Wind Farm is a joint venture between EDP Renewables North America LLC “EDPR NA” (based in Houston, Texas) and Avangrid Renewables (based in Portland, Oregon).  The wind farm area includes the towns of Lowville, Martinsburg, Harrisburg, and Watson in Lewis County, New York on the Tug Hill Plateau, about 75 miles northeast of Syracuse.

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Maple Ridge
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Union of Concerned Scientists

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

On Top of a Wind Turbine, On Top of the World

Stand atop a wind turbine and you get some powerful perspective. When you’re 280 feet off the ground, your feet clinging to the deck, the breeze blowing past, you’ve got a clear view of the power of wind energy. This past summer, I experienced it first-hand.

It’s a view that’s out of this world, and in it.

Out of this world, and in it

It’s easy to get excited about wind power when you see the latest figures—so many new wind turbines installed, so much more under construction. The excitement amps up even more when you see the costs of wind power continuing to drop, making wind a virtual slam dunk for electricity generation in broad swathes of our nation.

To help you feel that excitement, the Union of Concerned Scientists set out to capture some of it in visual form, too.

Our destination: the New York communities of Lowville and Martinsburg, home of the 195-turbine Maple Ridge Wind Farm. We talked with local residents and community leaders about what the Maple Ridge project has meant for their community, how it has fit in. We checked out the wind farm from a range of angles and perspectives. And, yes, we climbed a turbine.....

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